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services & rates

what I do

I am available for the following:


- individual (one on one) lessons at my home, for half an hour or an hour, depending on the student's requirements (as a rule of thumb, half an hour per week is suitable for the majority of students);


- group (ensemble) rehearsal once a week (numbers permitting) - to learn from the experience of playing with others;


- preparation for performances - whether these are competitions, auditions, eisteddfods, or exams (school and/or AMEB) - including aural training and sight reading development for exams, where required;


I am also happy to inspect your flute, or a flute you are considering buying, to check its condition and give you feedback on whether it is suitable for your stage of musical development. I'm also able to assist you if your instrument needs repair or servicing.


I also have a range of both student and intermediate/advanced flutes available for lease.  Leasing is an ideal way for a student to start playing, without having to pay the complete cost of a flute, which they may either outgrow or lose interest in.  For intermediate players, hiring an intermediate or advanced flute is the perfect way to try out a higher specification flute, prior to (or instead of) actually investing in one. Please contact me for more details regarding flute hire.  I am more than happy to hire a flute even if you are getting lessons from somebody else :)


Finally, I am also available to consult and/or perform music for your wedding or other event.

rates & charges

The first lesson is free, and there is no obligation to continue lessons after this lesson.  This is so you can see whether my teaching style and approach suit you.


Thereafter, half hour lessons are $35

while hour lessons are $65.  As a registered business, I am happy to provide invoices and receipts, and also have a dedicated bank account for electronic transfers for lesson payments.


When teaching school age students, I prefer continuing lessons over the school breaks, including the December/January holidays.  Particularly in the first year (or first couple of years, if the flute student is particularly young) breaks can have a detrimental effect on the rate of learning.  I am however more than happy to accommodate trips away, etc - just let me know so I can update my schedule :)


Depending upon the level of interest, ensemble (group) lessons may also be offered (duets, trios, flute choir etc).  Ensemble work teaches a different skill set and is both supplementary and complementary to work covered in individual lessons.  Ensemble rehearsals are $15/half hour per student (or $25/hour per student if a longer time slot is required).


I have a range of flutes available for hire and/or use in lessons.  I have a range of student flutes for hire, at $35/month, including:

- Boosey & Hawkes silver nickel student flute;

- Nuvo Jflute (ideal for very young or small flute players, or older players with neck or shoulder issues);

- Emerson silver nickel flute with curved headjoint (ideal for smaller and/or younger flute players); and

- Armstrong 104 silver nickel student flute.


I also have a range of intermediate or 'step up' level flutes, including a Sankyo, a TWG, a Muramatsu, an advanced Pearl and a Jupiter 711 RE.  All have open keys, either C or B foot joints, and are available for hire at $45/month.


I also have a piccolo and an alto flute, which are not available for hire, but may be used in lessons, or taken home for the odd occasion.


Monthly flute rental is either $35 (student flutes) or $45 (intermediate flutes) and includes a music stand, flute and hard case for transportation.


Parents please note: you are more than welcome to 'sit in' on lessons and ensemble rehearsal.

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 achieve your goals

Do you want to:


- learn a musical instrument?


- or, pick up the flute in addition to those instruments you already play?


- develop a skill that will remain with you the rest of your life?


- improve your cognitive function through increased capacity to concentrate and assess?


- have a useful additional skill when applying for a selective school?


- enter competitions and/or do music exams?


Learning the flute will teach all the above, and more! Please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss exactly what you are looking for in more detail.

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