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about genevieve

My name is Genevieve Wood, I live in Carine, Western Australia, and I've been playing the flute since I was nine years old.


I'm an experienced flute teacher and I currently teach from 4:30pm on weekdays from my home.

I was an inaugural member of the WAYO Flute Choir (1995), and I have also had choral experience through the WASO Chorus.


I am currently studying to complete my Certificate Teacher of Music Australia (CTMusA) through the Australian Music Examinations Board syllabus.  I also have a Working With Children (WWC) clearance.


I am happy to teach for general development, for school exams, and/or to sit for Australian Music Examination Board exams (up to and including AMEB level 7).  I am happy to take students from the age of five or six (depending on attention span) by starting them off on a Nuvo Jflute, a hard wearing plastic version of a concert flute.  I teach a range of students with diffferent skills and constraints, including adult beginners and students with identified reading disorders such as dyslexia.

As a teacher, one of my key goals is to help the student to develop a relaxed, confident approach to flute playing, whether it is for a performance, an exam, or personal enjoyment.


I am also available to perform for corporate or personal events such as engagements and weddings.  Please get in touch with me and we can discuss your requirements further.

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