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frequently asked questions - existing students

For those of you who are already students of mine, this page might be helpful.


What lesson times do you have available?

Current available half hour lesson times include Mondays at 5pm and 530pm and Thursdays at 5pm and 530pm. 

Do you continue lessons over the holidays/Christmas/Easter break?

I'm happy to continue lessons, if this is your preference.  Just let me know and we can discuss arrangements further.


Do you expect me to keep practicing over the holiday break (even if I'm not having lessons)? ​

This really is up to you.  In the ideal world you would practice every day, even if only for a few minutes.  The reason for this is that you can actually forget quite a lot over a short period of time, which then impacts on how you play when you return to lessons.  It can be very disappointing to get to a certain level of playing by the end of the year, only to come back after the break and discover that pieces you could previously play have become difficult again, through lack of practice!


Can I drop my lessons to once a fortnight instead of weekly?

Again, this really depends on you.  If you are an older student picking the flute up as an additional instrument to the one(s) you already play, and/or are just looking to get started on it with some assistance from me, then this should be fine.  However for younger students, and/or those who are looking to do music examinations, compete in eisteddfods and/or apply for music scholarships, then a weekly commitment to ongoing lessons is required.


Do I have to learn scales/arpeggios/other technical work?

Yes you do!  They may seem boring and routine, but technical work forms the basis of good performance.  It helps you to play each note clearly and fluently, and reinforces any new notes learned.  Once the student has been introduced to technical work, each lesson will start with playing some of these from memory.


Can I change my lesson time/day?

This is fine, however a minimum of 24 hours' notice is preferred wherever possible.  I do also have other students booked in for lessons, so I may not be able to take you at your ideal time and/or day due to these prior bookings, but i will do my best to accommodate your preferred time and day for lessons.


Do I have to pay in cash at each lesson?

No.  I am more than happy to provide bank account details so that you can electronically transfer the lesson money to me - please just ask for the details.


I've found something that's too hard to play, so I didn't practice it.  I don't know what to do now!

This happens to everyone :)  All you need to do is raise the part you are having difficulty with in your next lesson.  We will have a talk about it so I can work out exactly what the problem is, and we will work together on how to get it under control.  Easy! :)





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